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SIGIR members elected as ACM Fellows

SIGIR congratulates its members that have been elected as ACM fellows.

Congratulations go to: Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Yahoo! Research), Jeffrey Dean (Google Inc.), Urs Hoelzle (Google Inc.), David Karger (Massachusetts
Institute of Technology), and Yossi Matias (Google Inc.). ACM elected the 2009 fellows for their contributions to computing and computer science. The
ACM fellows have contributed fundamental knowledge to the field and generated a broad range of innovations in industry, commerce, entertainment,
and education:

* Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Yahoo! Research): For contributions to the implementation of information retrieval algorithms and techniques.
* Jeffrey A. Dean (Google Inc.): For contributions to the science and engineering of large-scale distributed computer systems.
* Urs Hoelzle (Google Inc.): For the design, engineering and operation of energy-efficient large-scale cloud computing systems.
* David Karger (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) For efficient algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems based on randomization.
* Yossi Matias (Google Inc.): For contributions to the analysis of large data sets and data streams.

The complete list of 2009 ACM Fellows can be found in the ACM press release at:

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